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2017 BSB Offseason Plan Contest

May 19th, 2017 at 7:54 AM
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After an unceremonious loss to the Senators, we find ourselves here again.  The offseason.  This one is particularly interesting, not only because of the major changes likely on the horizon for the Blueshirts, but also the Expansion Draft that threatens to throw a wrench in the roster planning for the entire league.

We typically get everyone’s basic perspective and team building philosophy in our lively comments section, but let’s take it up a notch, shall we?  We want to put you in the driver’s seat of the New York Rangersoffseason. That’s right, the Offseason Plan Contest is back.  For the uninitiated, we have run this contest a few times in the past and gotten some killer submissions.  We want you to become the architect of the New York Rangers organization and outline your plan to bring the team back to glory.

Here are the rules: You will design a comprehensive off-season plan proposal, taking us from The Expansion Draft to the start of training camp. You will have all of the assets and resources of the organization at your disposal to make trades, sign free agents, re-sign players and make call-ups. This year, of course has the added wrinkle of who you will expose, protect and ultimately lose in the Expansion Draft.  Once you have created your plan, you will submit your outline to the writing staff for evaluation.

Once the submission deadline has passed, the writing staff here will deliberate the most deserving of entries and run the finest three submissions as guest posts.  Once these plans are published, their fates are in your hands.  We will run a poll for you to vote for your favorite and the winner shall be enshrined forever in BSB glory.  For reference, here is our most recent winning entry (submitted by everyone’s favorite centrist, Hatrick Swayze).

Alright, so let’s talk specifics.  In order to ensure a level playing field, we are going to be using certain baseline assumptions that everyone has to work with:

1. We don’t currently have an accurate figure for the 2017-2018 salary cap, but Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly has estimated a $76 million ceiling. Since that is the best information we …

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